A weekly-ish email to my internet friends

Volume 2

53: Leap

Robots and cyborgs are going to take over the world.

50: Peanuts

A Twitter bot, CPU load averages and a timelapse of weather.

48: Bill

Chickens, space and also: you’re racist.

43: Pew Pew Pew

Star Wars, of course. Fake chocolate, self-driving cars and the Führer.

42: #swag

Snapchat, Stonehenge und Emoji. So much #swag.

39: Wayward

Enya, selfies and a podcast by Vogue.

37: Fetch

It’s all about that cheese whiz.

35: Machete Order

The Robot Sex conference in Malaysia has been cancelled.

34: Übergangsjacke

On the one hand, that is a real let-down, on the other hand, phew, dodged another bullet there.

17: Books

Sometimes I actually read

13: Pentecost

Apple Watch Reactions and Flying Spiders

08: Bicycle Ride

In which we explore a drug-buying robot, 3D-Printing and the Internet of Things.

05: Shame

Bully companies, not people.

04: Tiny People

In this issue we learn about normcore, tiny people and Terry Pratchett’s last novel.

02: Buy! Buy! Buy!

If you aren’t yet, you might want to consider watching “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” – it is really, really good.