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Fargo, Gentrified

Kowloon, Hacking, Pablo and Fargo

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Hello internet friends,

I didn’t watch this documentary about the Kowloon Walled City, yet, but it has been highly recommended, so here you go. I’ll make sure to watch it later today.

Because we all like long and well-written articles, here is one about hacking, gentrified:

Thus the emergent tech industry’s definition of ‘hacking’ as quirky-but-edgy innovation by optimistic entrepreneurs with a love of getting things done. Nothing sinister about it: it’s just on-the-fly problem-solving for profit. This gentrified pitch is not just a cool personal narrative. It’s also a useful business construct, helping the tech industry to distinguish itself from the aggressive squares of Wall Street, competing for the same pool of new graduates.

I had altogether too much fun with Pablo. (A sentence I did not think I would ever write.)

And then I am really looking forward to the next season of Fargo.

Have a good week, everybody.