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Rum, flight and television.

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Hello internet friends!

What a nice, beautiful Monday it is!
Oh, wait. Never mind.

It’s very Snowfall-y, but nonetheless a very compelling read on the beauty of flying: In Flight – en route from London to Tokyo, a pilot’s-eye view of life in the sky.
It’s taken from a book that I have moved very high on my “to read” list.

(Snowfall-y? Well.)

It’s summer and that means it’s a good time for rum-based drinks. While enjoying one of those, it might be interesting to learn a bit about the geopolitics of rum.

And once you’re nicely drunk, you might be in the mood for some pretty weird and often weirdly pretty television. So why not give Sense8 a try? Many critics seemed to be on the meh side of things but I found one who pretty much agrees with me.
And as we all know, that’s the most important quality in a review, right?

Have a good week!