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Very Different Today

Everyone has the same personality online.

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Hello internet friends,

learning that David Bowie passed was surely not how I expected this week to start.


But here we are.


I know that most people are so over “The Force Awakens” already, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Even though it looks a lot more real than the prequels, there is basically not a single shot that isn’t CGI. If you want to know how they did it, here is a great interview with ILM VFX Supervisor Roger Guyett.


I can’t even… everyone has the same personality online.
I am not so sure if I agree, though. Mostly because I don’t want to admit that my magic skill to judge people on how they behave online might just be prejudice.


Given what humanity is doing in space these days it is pretty amazing that it has only been 70 years since we very super happy that the moon would bounce back radio waves.


Thanks for reading, now go listen to some Bowie. Or maybe to some Nemesis instead?