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Internet of Clothes

The future is going to be so weird.

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Hello, internet friends!

Last week we were all excited about ad blocking, then we stopped being excited about it, and yet there are so many ~think pieces~ on the web about it right now and I’m not going to link to a single one of them.
That being said, if you want to advertise to a self-selected group of very smart and highly attractive people, I might find space for an ad spot here in this very newsletter!

So now someone started building clothes that are part of the Internet of Things and I’m all for it.
I’d just wait for a while – if they work as well as my Wemos, they stop working when you need them the most.

Since we’re in the future already, let’s look at Cyberpunk Real-Time Chess. I’m getting a heart attack just watching this, I can’t even properly play StarCraft 2 on the slowest setting.

Regarding the future: maybe we should stop putting our penis in almost everything, especially not in robots.

Another thing we shouldn’t even think about starting:

THIS STORY IS being previewed exclusively on Apple News until Tuesday, September 22nd.

Well, no, Wired. Don’t.

If you want to read the three proper articles that I linked to on your Kindle, you can get them as an e-book-thing here on Readlist.
It’s an experiment, the idea blatantly stolen from Caitlin Dewey, who sends her newsletter every day.

Until next week, take care.