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Hello, internet friends!

I know it is Tuesday, but here we go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Someone famous wrote something about not being famous but having the number of Twitter follower someone famous might have.
Well, okay.

Even though the reviews for the Apple watch are not overly positive – here is the best one, as far as I can tell – gadget envy is slowly growing within me.

This scrappy little email to my internet friends made it to the The Ultimate (Unofficial) TinyLetter Directory – in the category “Assorted Amusing Things” which is perfectly fine for me. Knowing about this directory is a bit scary, though – so many interesting tinyletters to subscribe to…
(When does Google Inbox finally have a category for these kind of emails?)

I pretty much ignored what happened to the poor eggplant emoji but now even Instagram hides it in their search:

[… ]the eggplant emoji is indeed blocked from search because it consistently is used for content that violates their community guidelines.

Well okay.

Take a nap sometimes, you’ve earned it.