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I heart science

Written by dominik on

Hello internet friends!

It’s finally spring, which is good, because: sun!
But it also means pollen and being tired all the time. (tbh I don’t need spring for that.)

The whole internet pre-ordered the Apple Watch last week. Nobody in my direct circle of friends did, though. I actually quite like how it looks like a tiny Airstream on a wrist, though.

Science news, now!
(The kind of “I heart science” kind of science, based on probably misunderstood reporting on actual science that real scientists have known for ages and/or are grumpy about the way it gets reported. You know, science.)

We’ll meet aliens in about twenty years!
Brontosaurs is back!
Droid fishes pass the turing test!
Tiny, tiny computers!

Take care and try to eat a little bit healthier than last week.