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Like A Sailor


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Hello internet friends!

This week, there will be a lot of sweary links. So if you’re offended by this, maybe fuck off read something else.

What the fuck, Google?

Death to Bullshit
I like the idea and the sentiment, but maybe it would be a good idea to not hide the links on the blog behind Tumblr redirects? (To be completely honest – I am a Tumblr user and have no clue if it is possible to disable those redirects. (And to be double honest, yes, I know that all links here are behind redirects, too. That’s tinyletter and there is no way to disable that.))
Anyway, yes.

Twitter’s Product is Fucking Fine – it is, really. Just maybe some more power to the API, so that Third-Party-Clients can really shine and then go ahead, build some more random products that I don’t have to use.

And then here is President Bartlet putting on his jacket. A lot. And why does he do it? Well, Martin Sheen has limited movement in his left arm, so that’s how he puts on jackets. As he did back in 1973.

Does that look clean to you?

Be safe.