A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


21: Ice Cream Licks You.

Hello internet friends! Nine (nine!) years ago, my first tweet. I feel old. A lot has happened in those nine years. And yet, here we are. Cheated on your spouse lately? Maybe using ~the internet~? Well, bummer. I am always fascinated by a good map. So I found it even more fascinating that there are […]

81: Properly Whelmed

Hello, internet friends! Epiphany is a public holiday where I am, so for all intents and purposes, today is Monday. Onwards! The Pacific Standard wonders How Ambient Intimacy Became So Overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder, too. I still really like both the term and the idea behind it, but in many ways the services we use […]

66: Ditch

Hello internet friends! Another monday, another week. Chongqing City has set up China’s 1st "exclusive sidewalk for mobile phone users ” to avoid possible crashes. This is a great idea. It’s also a very 2014 idea. ◔̯◔ What is a U2 and why is it on my phone??! Related: Apple ‘gifting’ each user with a […]

64: Write Failed, Broken Pipe

Hello internet friends! Twitter did something bad last night – again. And everybody is grumpy and angry and wants to go to laconi… appdot… ello…? ◔̯◔ WordPress 4.0 is out. So enjoy updating all your blogs that you randomly started at some point and never really got around to fill with words. Or is that […]

63: For The Articles

Hello internet friends! Everything you need to know about the celebrity image hack is over here at[1] ◔̯◔ Remember how I stopped using Facebook? Yeah? Good times. In my quest to find the magic that the “early”[2] web was to me, I also decided to quit Twi… wait, no. But I decided to finally […]