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Properly Whelmed

For all intents and purposes, today is Monday.

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Hello, internet friends!

Epiphany is a public holiday where I am, so for all intents and purposes, today is Monday. Onwards!

The Pacific Standard wonders How Ambient Intimacy Became So Overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder, too.
I still really like both the term and the idea behind it, but in many ways the services we use to stay in contact with our friends or even random interesting strangers do not scale. (Remember issue 63 and the smattering of articles about how Twitter is not the internet porch anymore?)

So, here are a few predictions how 2015 might be for media. Here are some more.
Mostly it seems like media brands will enroach more and more on our ambient intimacy tools.

How Millennial Are You?
Hey, let’s compare scores! I’m apparently 80 units of millennial. (Which is more than I should be, based on their own calculations.)

If your Millennial score is not too high, you might remember when Jurassic Park was released. If you watch it these days – more than 20 years later – it is astonishing how well it holds up. Much of that can be attributed to Phil Tippett, who seems like an interesting fellow.

Well, fellow millennials, take care!