A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


86: Brutalist Content

Hello, internet friends! Remember when we all[1] thought that Google Glass would be the future and that we’ll all walk around as glassholes in a Google-controller world, happily searching the web while driving out driverless cars around? Well. Google Glass is gone and the story behind it is pretty amazing. It is also rather amazing […]

85: Crows

Hello, internet friends! Because nothing says “monday morning” than “wanting to go back to sleep,” here is some help with that: Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes. It is really weird and now I want to be a crow, looking for Spanish doubloons with the dude. Right. Onwards! The nerd in me is very tickled by the […]

72: Uncanny Grape

Marcel the Shell returns, the Uncanny Valley of Instagram and a clock made of attractive people.

46: Paleo

Hello, internet friends! For no reason I could possibly remember, I watched the Google I/O keynote yesterday.[1] It was pretty bad. It started strong-ish, but turned sour pretty fast. The only people who seem to know how the products they were presenting actually worked was some lady engineer and this dude. Because of reasons I […]

36: Poodle

Hi! Hello! Hello, you! You, yes, you. Dear, lovely newsletter reader. I forgot to take my meds this morning, so this is going to be fun. Maciej Cegłowski gave a talk at a conference in Düsseldorf last week, which works great as an essay, too: The Internet With A Human Face. Talking about faces that […]