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Hello internet friends,

the -bers have started, which basically means it’s dark outside when I get up. This is not designed to make me happy and if I have learned one thing as a consumer in the last few decades, then it is that I can demand things to be designed for my happiness.

Apparently nobody knows how to properly write by hand anymore because of ballpoint pens. I mostly don’t know how to properly by hand anymore because I can’t copy and paste it into a newsletter or a tweet.

The final Discworld novel reached me yesterday and I had to stop myself from reading it all through in one go.
Maybe I should start reading the whole series from the beginning – after all, I do have a whole shelf dedicated to them.

If you want to fly in an old 747 – and who wouldn’t want that? – British Airways might be the place to go.


Be safe. And if you look at yourself, give yourself a thumbs-up, you’re doing fine.