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This Will Feel Good

Just Admit It

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Hello internet friends,

it’s Monday morning, just around eight-ish, when I write this and I could already do with a nap. The only thing I really look forward to on every Monday is writing this email to you and even for this I need a reminder.
So, yes, the news that Digital dependence [is] ‘eroding human memory’ comes as no surprise. On the other hand, I know people who can remember all kinds of random phone numbers and are completely useless when setting up email signatures. Now which of these skills sounds more useful once the apocalypse comes?

Are you a Lego or a Playmobil person?
The only person I know who admits to being a Playmobil person also does SEO and Online Marketing, soooooo…

Now for the news! Just Admit It hits pretty close to home.
Sometimes very US-centric, but mostly rather amusing.

Last week I asked you about your personal brand and admitted that I was worried about mine. Maybe we should all listen to someone who has been in that racket for a long time.

Most of the pictures I take with my new broségold iPhone are sad selfies on the couch. Turns out this little machine can do a whole lot more. It is pretty stunning, indeed.

Talking about selfies – where are those shark selfies?

Now folks, go ahead and tell me how much you all like me and the hard work I put into this email. (I haven’t read past the headline, yet, but will do so once I have sent out this newsletter.)

You all take care out there.