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It’s a dress.

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Hello, internet friends.

I’m not too sure if it is genetics or an upbringing with a lot of moving around outside or maybe just the last remnants of youth, but I tend to be pretty robust when it comes to colds or becoming sick in general.
So of course when a light fever hit me last week, I decided immediately that these are probably my last few days on earth. Once I made peace with that fact – it took me a surprisingly short time – I did, what every sane person would do in my situation:

Binge-watch season three of House of Cards.

Now I’m alive and well, so:


By now everybody is so over that color-changing dress – it’s such old news that even Saturday Night Live made their jokes about it. Which probably means that I’ll get a picture of it through WhatsApp by my relatives in about two weeks.
I still did not manage to see it in blue and black, though, but then: who really cares anymore?


Brands care. For some reason, I still see white-and-gold-blue-and-black tweets from brands retweeted by people who I (held in higher esteem)used to?) hold in high esteem. I mean, I get it – haha, you’re some poor, tortured, over-paid Social Media Manager, who needs to entertain the masses and promote a brand – but why do grown-up, smart people retweet these things? Because virality.


Is anyone of your folks playing Alto’s Adventure? It’s very pretty and just slightly frustrating. Which is probably a sign that I am Doing It Wrong.

Oh well.

Take care, eat some fruit, stay healthy.