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Apple Watch Reactions and Flying Spiders

Written by dominik on

Hello internet friends!

My Apple Watch (No, I am not going to be all fancy and look up the UTF–8 for the Apple icon. Honestly.) arrived last week pretty much right after I sent the last email. And as I posted to Twitter on Tuesday:

I already developed capital-O opinions.

But I realised pretty soon: this does not matter the least. Because as soon as people notice the watch on my arm, they have all the opinions.
It’s a waste of money, obviously. And a first generation product, ugh! And “Oh, it can tell the time? How innovative.

It is actually fascinating. I am pretty sure that a Pebble or one of the Android watches would not even remotely create these sometimes pretty passionate reactions.
Oh well. I quite like the watch – it tells the time and it vibrates in a weird way when someone sends me an iMessage.

Remember when the internet went crazy because it was raining spiders somewhere in Australia? Turns out that is actually pretty common and could happen in your area, too!

Sweet dreams.