Short Legs, Fluffy Butts

Hello darkness my old friend internet friends,

I have to use Pocket this week because Instapaper decided to not want European users anymore. And eh. I don’t like change.

I didn’t watch Tennis for a long time, but this sounds like a pretty amazing story: Naomi Osaka Is the Coolest Thing in Tennis

At a press conference after the finals match, Naomi Osaka described the feeling of winning her first title the way any champion would: in reference to a meme.

Youths! They’re alright.

I read this article and you won’t believe what happened next: How everything on the internet became clickbait – I mean even on bloody YouTube every channel had Laurel/Yanny video. Let me know in the comments what you heard, give it a thumbs up and smash that bell icon.

Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself Thanks, Charlotte. But you’re wrong, I’m actually pretty terrible and probably not hard enough on my self.

Now this is content everybody can enjoy: Corgis race their butts off for 1st SoCal nationals at Santa Anita race track in Arcadia


Meat Rocks

Hello internet friends,

let’s be honest here: 2018 so far isn’t exactly funny. Another data point for this? Wodehouse prize for comic fiction withheld after judges fail to laugh
On the other hand, this made me laugh: Hippos Poop So Much That Sometimes All the Fish Die
I’m a simple man.

Now I’ve been told in the past that I should stay away from the subject of sex robots. But how is it my fault when there are pretty good articles exploring that subject? Are We Ready for Robot Sex?
Somehow the author manages to make her visit to a sex robot company rather funny and deeply sad.

But obviously there are more wholesome hobbies around: One could decide to visit all the train stations in any given country as these two people did in the UK or maybe collect rocks that look food: If You’re Collecting Rocks, Might as Well Find Ones That Look Like Meat

Oh, this is just lovely: ‘Beautiful’ dinosaur tail found preserved in amber – feathers and all. (Click and scroll down for the cutest dinosaur drawing you’ve seen in a long time.)

At some point in the last year I managed to fall into the world of endurance sports car races. And it didn’t take long until I found Radio Le Mans – an enthusiast radio station covering endurance races all over the world. And what a story it has: Meet the Man Behind the Voice of Sports Car Racing

Be kind. Toodles!


Hello internet friends,

I haven’t put it on the website for this newsletter but just because everybody is talking about data protection these days: This newsletter is hosted on Tinyletter, which is run by MailChimp. Their privacy policy is here. I do have access to your email addresses but I’m not doing anything with them except smiling when I see a familiar name in one of those “You’ve got a new subscriber!” notifications.
With that out of the way: onwards!

These days we have all these fancy machines to do our bidding. Some of them even react when we speak to them. Turns out they not only hear us, (big surprise!) they also hear other stuff and can be hacked by audio: Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.
Ah, the future.

The Outline asks How do I announce my divorce on Facebook? and… uhm. Maybe just don’t. Just silently remove your relationship status and tell your friends. It’s probably the sanest way.

Are you in the US and on the lookout for a new pet? How about those? The Radioactive Puppies of Chernobyl Will Find Homes in the United States

Nifty: How the 50-mm Lens Became ‘Normal’



Hello internet friends,

this dispatch (woah) reaches you deep from the dark bowels of a hotel lobby where I procrastinate writing this by creepily looking through the big windows to watch the ~locals~ walk home after their day at work. It is also a day late because I frankly had something better to do yesterday evening. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been at a conference the last two days (beyond tellerrand if you need more details about my whereabouts) and what I’ve noticed during the breaks when everybody stormed outside to get some fresh air: there were a lot of vapists. (Turns out: vapists don’t like being called vapists.) But it is one thing when people who go to tech conferences do that, it is another thing when teens do it. And as it ~turns out~ the teens are at it: The Promise of Vaping and the Rise of Juul

I don’t really have the words to add anything useful and/or worthwhile to this, so just go and read it, it is very good: My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed.

Meanwhile at the department of “The Struggle Is Real:” Oh No, the Proles Are Invading the Airport Lounges!
I mean, ugh. What’s the whole point og lounges when everyone can go there?

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a good one.
Be kind.

Half of it is fake

Hello internet friends,

now this sounds “fun:” Here’s What Happened After I Left a 3-Star Yelp Review for a Pizza Parlor
Maybe it is time to rethink the whole reputation economy thing.

This is a long one but worth the time – and I’d bet that people are already trying to turn it into a series: The Spy Who Came Home

This is rather unfortunate:
‘Catastrophe’: French museum discovers half of its collection are fakes

I admit it, I only send you to this one because I really the gif: Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash
But the article itself is also pretty interesting, if you happen to be interested in that kind of stuff.

Ugh, young people, amiright? Well, as we all know, this has been a complaint since forever: The 2,500-year-old history of adults blaming the younger generation
I don’t know. From what I’ve seen the kids are alright.

Facebook! Let’s all leave it! Right? Well, turns out it is not that easy: I tried leaving Facebook. I couldn’t