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Meat Rocks

Dinosaurs! Sex Robots! Hippos! What more do you want?

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Hello internet friends,

let’s be honest here: 2018 so far isn’t exactly funny. Another data point for this? Wodehouse prize for comic fiction withheld after judges fail to laugh
On the other hand, this made me laugh: Hippos Poop So Much That Sometimes All the Fish Die
I’m a simple man.

Now I’ve been told in the past that I should stay away from the subject of sex robots. But how is it my fault when there are pretty good articles exploring that subject? Are We Ready for Robot Sex?
Somehow the author manages to make her visit to a sex robot company rather funny and deeply sad.

But obviously there are more wholesome hobbies around: One could decide to visit all the train stations in any given country as these two people did in the UK or maybe collect rocks that look food: If You’re Collecting Rocks, Might as Well Find Ones That Look Like Meat

Oh, this is just lovely: ‘Beautiful’ dinosaur tail found preserved in amber – feathers and all. (Click and scroll down for the cutest dinosaur drawing you’ve seen in a long time.)

At some point in the last year I managed to fall into the world of endurance sports car races. And it didn’t take long until I found Radio Le Mans – an enthusiast radio station covering endurance races all over the world. And what a story it has: Meet the Man Behind the Voice of Sports Car Racing

Be kind. Toodles!