Hello internet friends!

The Internet has been a bit weird last week. First they said selfies are more deadly than sharks! But then suddenly: Selfies are not more deadly than sharks!

Kittie has been around for 20 years? Now I feel old.

The Concorde will fly again! But really?
I don’t know, maybe it would be a better and probably easier idea to build a new supersonic airplane instead?

Meanwhile in the department of “sure, why not:” We Asked a Cultural Historian: Are Apple Stores the New Temples?
I am happy when cultural historians have neat little side jobs and sure, yes, temples.

Take care. And: The first of you who sends me a selfie with a shark wins a price!

Internet of Clothes

Hello, internet friends!

Last week we were all excited about ad blocking, then we stopped being excited about it, and yet there are so many ~think pieces~ on the web about it right now and I’m not going to link to a single one of them.
That being said, if you want to advertise to a self-selected group of very smart and highly attractive people, I might find space for an ad spot here in this very newsletter!

So now someone started building clothes that are part of the Internet of Things and I’m all for it.
I’d just wait for a while – if they work as well as my Wemos, they stop working when you need them the most.

Since we’re in the future already, let’s look at Cyberpunk Real-Time Chess. I’m getting a heart attack just watching this, I can’t even properly play StarCraft 2 on the slowest setting.

Regarding the future: maybe we should stop putting our penis in almost everything, especially not in robots.

Another thing we shouldn’t even think about starting:

THIS STORY IS being previewed exclusively on Apple News until Tuesday, September 22nd.

Well, no, Wired. Don’t.

If you want to read the three proper articles that I linked to on your Kindle, you can get them as an e-book-thing here on Readlist.
It’s an experiment, the idea blatantly stolen from Caitlin Dewey, who sends her newsletter every day.

Until next week, take care.


Hello internet friends!

The next time someone asks[1] me to write for their publication, I will be happy to have read this article because I am sure it doesn’t only apply to Medium Dot Com.

Remember Twitter “parody” accounts? For a while it has been the number one indicator that someone is a bit daft when then retweet “RealCelebrityThough” or “HomerSimpsonTBH” – but this seems to be over. But mostly because Twitter closes down these accounts. Tears are being shed:

Behind every parody twitter account is a network of tech bros who connect #brands with to #monetize #audiences. […] “Getting a job” haunts . Late last month, beauty vlogger and #influencer #ally Jenny Dey filmed a passionate vlog from the cream leather passenger seat of a parked SUV, in which she urged her fans to support their favorite novelty Twitter accounts through this difficult time. “I feel like you guys don’t understand! Social media is not just social media,” Dey said. “To be completely honest, if I didn’t have my YouTube channel, I’d probably be homeless.” She paused, reconsidered, and rephrased that last bit: “Well, I mean, I’d have a job and stuff. … I’d have to find a normal job.”

Aww. Won’t someone think of the .

An important skill to learn: How to draw a map.

How about some Space Whisky? Apparently it tastes different. Which might actually make it good?

In case you wondered why you want to buy the new iPhone even though your old one is still perfectly fine.
You’re welcome.

  1. Doesn’t say “no” in a terrified voice when I offer that I could write something.  ↩

Like A Sailor

Hello internet friends!

This week, there will be a lot of sweary links. So if you’re offended by this, maybe fuck off read something else.

What the fuck, Google?

Death to Bullshit
I like the idea and the sentiment, but maybe it would be a good idea to not hide the links on the blog behind Tumblr redirects? (To be completely honest – I am a Tumblr user and have no clue if it is possible to disable those redirects. (And to be double honest, yes, I know that all links here are behind redirects, too. That’s tinyletter and there is no way to disable that.))
Anyway, yes.

Twitter’s Product is Fucking Fine – it is, really. Just maybe some more power to the API, so that Third-Party-Clients can really shine and then go ahead, build some more random products that I don’t have to use.

And then here is President Bartlet putting on his jacket. A lot. And why does he do it? Well, Martin Sheen has limited movement in his left arm, so that’s how he puts on jackets. As he did back in 1973.

Does that look clean to you?

Be safe.


Hello internet friends,

the -bers have started, which basically means it’s dark outside when I get up. This is not designed to make me happy and if I have learned one thing as a consumer in the last few decades, then it is that I can demand things to be designed for my happiness.

Apparently nobody knows how to properly write by hand anymore because of ballpoint pens. I mostly don’t know how to properly by hand anymore because I can’t copy and paste it into a newsletter or a tweet.

The final Discworld novel reached me yesterday and I had to stop myself from reading it all through in one go.
Maybe I should start reading the whole series from the beginning – after all, I do have a whole shelf dedicated to them.

If you want to fly in an old 747 – and who wouldn’t want that? – British Airways might be the place to go.


Be safe. And if you look at yourself, give yourself a thumbs-up, you’re doing fine.