Capybara Selfies and Trash Fires

Hello internet friends,

I know, I know. It’s Tuesday. Life happens. Here we go anyway, let’s do it.

I do have a metric (hah!) buttload of Brexit articles in my Instapaper but I am pretty sure we’re all slightly sick of hearing about it at the moment, aren’t we? So in the spirit of escapism, why don’t we take a breath (you know, without our bloody watch telling us to do it) and watch a bunch of capybara videos on the YouTube. I don’t know about you but it calms me down considerably.

As a big proponent of the “more selfies!” movement – which I might have just invented, who knows? – I am obviously pretty much in favour of all the angry tweets (are there any others these days? I am not too sure anymore.) triggered by this New York Times article.
A few personal favorites.

So, capybaras and selfies, are we all nice and calm now? Well, depending on your personal disposition this ode to gentrification might either make your head explode or maybe you just nod along. Either way, it is interesting.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and want to read something extremely disturbing how about this? My four months as a private prison guard.

I do enjoy magazines quite a lot, but somehow I never quite felt in the target demographic of either of them. But finally there is one aimed directly at me.

That’s it for today, let’s go outside and warm ourselves on our own personal little trash fire.


Hot Lust: Why?

Hello internet friends,

remember way back when YouTube was really new? lonelygirl15 ruled it back then, a vlog by a young lady with an increasingly weird back story. It turned out to be the first real web series that used that medium to it’s full potential. A whole bunch of years later we now get an oral history of lonelygirl15.

As a formerly-avid Flickr user and veteran of Geocities I am always a bit scared when Yahoo buys something I use. They’re not really doing Tumblr any justice, too.

It must be a fun job to be the Social Media person for Smash Mouth.

Last Monday was Apple Keynote Day and while most of the stuff they announced was pretty alright, there is now one big question out there: Is Apple’s New Meditation App More Full of Shit Than Deepak Chopra?
Another unrelated but equally important question: Celery: Why?

I always thought that my friend Martin is living the dream. Turns out this chicken is easily better at it than him.

Hot Lust In Space.
Hot Lust In Frogs.
Hot Lust In Popes.

Most people like to use GPS on their phone mostly because it’s a convenient way to get to where they want to go. (Which, turns out has a pretty significant influence on the design of online maps.)
For nerds like me it is also a rather calming thing to look at: here is a map, here is a little dot that tells me where I am. It’s nice, really.
It’s also highly inaccurate. GPS signals bounce around, are blocked by houses or trees, the phone will try to guess where it is, using cellular and wifi reception. So if you use some app to keep saving your current location, it will wiggle around quite a lot. If you’re like me, you’ll shrug. But if you’re more artistically inclined, you’ll see a pattern of ghost movement.


Free Booze

Hello internet friends,

I’m a bit worried that at this point in time this email turns into a “look, history!” newsletter, but what can I do, there’s cool new stuff around. Like this week’s announcement that those Australians who shot lasers at the Cambodian countryside actually did find something – and not just any old random kind of something but a whole huge city all around Angkor Wat.
Isn’t that pretty fascinating? I think it is.

I’ve never been to San Francisco, but based on my knowledge of the tech scene over here and what I gather from Twitter and ~the internet~ in general, I have pretty much decided that the TV show “Silicon Valley” is not as much a satire as non-tech people might think and more of a documentary.
Turns out I’m pretty much right.

You don’t believe me? Well, this is how the Recode conference is in ~real life.~
“The free booze helped.” Oh. Okay.

At some point this weekend I saw this gem of a video: The Lion City II – Majulah. Probably the best timelapse there is at the moment.
My favourite scene in it is the single car swerving through Singapore’s highrises until finally getting to its parking spot.


Adult Outdoor Entertainment

Hello internet friends,

I have bad news for you: What you read on the internet may affect the complexity of your own writing. I’ll try to find you some quality content to make sure you’re not getting a lot dumber just by reading this email.

How about some information on the domestication of dogs?
It’s a bit a false label, though – mostly you’ll learn about scientist beef and how they hang in Ireland and drink to get over their differences. And well, dogs. Great illustrations, too.

“Pho is fun, but you can’t have it every day. You would get bored.” Try me.
But before you do, maybe you want to learn about the history of pho. Which is also a good way to learn more about the history of Vietnam.

What else do you want to learn today? We do have some follow-up on our favourite space news, both courtesy of Popular Science: that planet, that might be in our solar system, is probably, if it is even real, not really part of our solar system. Ehm. Or it is, but we might have lifted it from somewhere. Which would probably make us “cute shoplifters”?
Here, have my apology for this terrible segue, let’s get back to space! Scientists are still pretty unsure if the alien megastructure, which might be a meteor shower, is an alien megastructure or not.

Man, scientists sure bicker and disagree a lot. Which is, just in case you were having even the slightest moment of doubt, a sign that the system and the scientific method is working.
And hey, in the end we might get the science for some fancy outdoor entertainment.

The first time I heard about adult coloring books, I was amused and figured it was a coloring book with, well, adult drawings. Instead we get books for adults with flowers and such, which is slightly less amusing. But on the other hand: “You can do it stoned, or you can do it drunk, and at the end, you still have something pretty to put on Instagram.” And who could find something wrong with that?