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Adult Outdoor Entertainment

More than just fireworks.

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Hello internet friends,

I have bad news for you: What you read on the internet may affect the complexity of your own writing. I’ll try to find you some quality content to make sure you’re not getting a lot dumber just by reading this email.

How about some information on the domestication of dogs?
It’s a bit a false label, though – mostly you’ll learn about scientist beef and how they hang in Ireland and drink to get over their differences. And well, dogs. Great illustrations, too.

“Pho is fun, but you can’t have it every day. You would get bored.” Try me.
But before you do, maybe you want to learn about the history of pho. Which is also a good way to learn more about the history of Vietnam.

What else do you want to learn today? We do have some follow-up on our favourite space news, both courtesy of Popular Science: that planet, that might be in our solar system, is probably, if it is even real, not really part of our solar system. Ehm. Or it is, but we might have lifted it from somewhere. Which would probably make us “cute shoplifters”?
Here, have my apology for this terrible segue, let’s get back to space! Scientists are still pretty unsure if the alien megastructure, which might be a meteor shower, is an alien megastructure or not.

Man, scientists sure bicker and disagree a lot. Which is, just in case you were having even the slightest moment of doubt, a sign that the system and the scientific method is working.
And hey, in the end we might get the science for some fancy outdoor entertainment.

The first time I heard about adult coloring books, I was amused and figured it was a coloring book with, well, adult drawings. Instead we get books for adults with flowers and such, which is slightly less amusing. But on the other hand: “You can do it stoned, or you can do it drunk, and at the end, you still have something pretty to put on Instagram.” And who could find something wrong with that?