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Served Cold

This one is for the bronze age aficionados.

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Hello internet friends,

I am still not sure how to react to the news that some asshole nerd – who is most famous for telling people not to go to college – used his dot-com-money to hire Hulk Hogan to punch someone who wronged him ten years ago in the face.
Obviously that’s not exactly what happened, but, wow.

Guess who said it?

Weapons are always used for a wider purpose such as saving the world, and are part of a child’s development.

Hm? Hm? You probably guessed wrong.

When we move around ~the internet~ we have cookies dropped on us, because advertising. (Yes, sorry.)
Advertising companies try to use the data collected with these cookies to understand who we are. Given that the company who probably knows me better than any other – Amazon – is still trying to get me to buy a second TV after I bought my first one, I am not so sure how smartly they actually use their data. But of course the whole thing might be slightly weird because they can never know the real us – besides, who can? – but only a ghost of us.

“You took away the fire roads” – map making is serious business and not everybody just uses turn by turn directions.

I have never even heard of the Luwians but then I’m not really a bronze age scholar. Other people are and they decided that the Luwians are a thing.

So, I watched the new Top Gear and oh boy, do I have opinions. So does everybody else.
idk, I’ll give it a bit more time. It is also quite amusing to pretend that Matt LeBlanc, who already was the best part of that first show, is the Matt LeBlanc character from Episodes. Which is a TV series you might want to watch – it is really funny and you have probably not heard of it, yet.