Escapism Now

Hello internet friends,

sometimes we need a time-out. A little distraction and yes, escapism. This is what I’m trying to do here – so, here we go.

One of the things the world seems to be using for distraction these days is Pokemon Go. So much so that the stock of Nintendo almost doubled for a couple of days. Roughly until the people who do stock things learned that Nintendo doesn’t have all that much to do with that game.
Meanwhile people are having fun out there, catching their little worms and bears and whatnot and honestly, that is a good thing.

Another good thing this summer is the Netflix series “Stranger Things” – even though it did make me yell at my TV at three in the morning.
You know you’ll be in for a ride the moment you see the title card.

Meanwhile there is a lot of cuteness in Japan. Which goes right back into our theme of distraction and escapism in the face of bad situations once you get to the last paragraph.

Remember a couple of years back when suddenly everybody did the harlem shake put ice water on their heads? Turns out that actually had some benefits and wasn’t only a fad.



Hello internet friends,

apparently we all have a whole bunch of doppelgangers running around. Which kinda makes sense – there are only so many types of faces around.
At least mine was one of the dudes who invented the car.

Not only have we learned that dinosaurs were basically giant feathery chickens, now we also know that they probably sounded a lot like them as well.
Could someone with a lot of time please do a re-mix of those scenes from Jurassic Park and just put chicken sounds where roars used to be? Thanks.

Apparently it is now a thing to sue a painter for not having painted a certain painting. This is pretty weird – at least a lot weirder than the painting itself.
Talking about art – now this is art I can really get behind.

Oh well.

Too many to count, mutha'uckas

Hello internet friends,

every week when writing these emails I sift through all the links I have collected in the previous couple of days, trying to find some things to amuse and/or enlighten you. Given that I am writing this email in English, most of my sources tend to be in the US and oh boy, have those been depressing lately.
Maybe it is time we send a UN peacekeeping mission there until they stop (not so randomly) killing each other?

Maybe for a laugh imagine being the person who saw Bigfoot?
And now let’s wonder what happened back in 1908 in Siberia.

If you have a lot of time and a lot of interest in China and the literature of China, learn something about the ultra-unreality of modern China.

Apparently a lot of oil tankers are idling around near big harbors, just sitting there, waiting. What are they waiting for? It is more or less the same reason why some ships rather go around the whole of Africa instead of crossing the Suez Canal.

Big sports events are what the internet likes to call a dumpster fire. Don’t believe me? Well, have a look at what the IOC wanted from Norway in case they’d run their winter games there.

Fast-forward selecta! How Flight of the Conchords outlasted the hipsterturns out mostly by being really really good at what they do.


Creative Metal Devils

Hello internet friends,

good news! More Tasmanian Devils found!
I mean, I don’t have any attachment to these critters and such, but all things considered, that sounds like good news to me.

So, my burning veins cry in eternity. Apparently the most metal sentence in the world. It is indeed very good to know which words are the most metal and which ones aren’t.

It is very important to have hobbies. Maybe “finding the ugly naked guy from Friends” might be a semi-questionable one. But hey, success!

This is super interesting: Multi Entry – “A decentralized collection of stories and media about the creative young people of modern mainland China and the culture they’re creating.”
And it has GIFs, too.

I leave it as an exercise to you to connect the dots in these three articles. If you’re not particularly interested in ~the web~ there’s a hint in the last paragraph of the Williams portrait.

It’s still Monday morning, but I’d already be okay with a drink.