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Hello, internet friends!

I know it is Tuesday, but here we go. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Someone famous wrote something about not being famous but having the number of Twitter follower someone famous might have.
Well, okay.

Even though the reviews for the Apple watch are not overly positive – here is the best one, as far as I can tell – gadget envy is slowly growing within me.

This scrappy little email to my internet friends made it to the The Ultimate (Unofficial) TinyLetter Directory – in the category “Assorted Amusing Things” which is perfectly fine for me. Knowing about this directory is a bit scary, though – so many interesting tinyletters to subscribe to…
(When does Google Inbox finally have a category for these kind of emails?)

I pretty much ignored what happened to the poor eggplant emoji but now even Instagram hides it in their search:

[… ]the eggplant emoji is indeed blocked from search because it consistently is used for content that violates their community guidelines.

Well okay.

Take a nap sometimes, you’ve earned it.

Bicycle Ride

Hello, internet friends!

Remember how the Swiss police arrested a robot in January for ordering illegal substances and fake passports? (Vol.1 Issue 83)
Well, turns outthe charges have been dropped.
(I mean of course, duh, Switzerland.)

The Internet of Things will soon be upon us! I am sure some of these are parody and/or performance art.

Fun fact: in an attempt to catch up with the unevenly distributed future, I finally managed to see a 3D printer last week. It was an Ultimaker which mostly produced weird strings of hot plastic and a lot of smell.
Maybe the future is still a bit more in the future?
In related news, the original Open Source 3d printing company MakerBot seems to be in trouble. Apparently because of the Osborne Effect.
Stupid comic book movies have infiltrated my brain enough to look at that article’s headline and wonder what the Green Goblin has to do with it. (Then I remembered his name doesn’t have that “e” at the end.)

Oh, and apparently there has been some new space movie trailer. You have probably seen it.

Happy learning,
The Irregularity Team.


Hello internet friends!

It’s finally spring, which is good, because: sun!
But it also means pollen and being tired all the time. (tbh I don’t need spring for that.)

The whole internet pre-ordered the Apple Watch last week. Nobody in my direct circle of friends did, though. I actually quite like how it looks like a tiny Airstream on a wrist, though.

Science news, now!
(The kind of “I heart science” kind of science, based on probably misunderstood reporting on actual science that real scientists have known for ages and/or are grumpy about the way it gets reported. You know, science.)

We’ll meet aliens in about twenty years!
Brontosaurs is back!
Droid fishes pass the turing test!
Tiny, tiny computers!

Take care and try to eat a little bit healthier than last week.

[Hand Wave Emoji]

Hello internet friends!

How to pretend to be happy on the Internet.
Oh well. Onwards!

If you’re into the whole Harry Potter stuff, maybe The Sorting Hat Bot is something for you?

This is less of a tinyletter and more of a bad OKCupid match
I also don’t understand it most of the time, but I do tend to be amused. Enough that I keep returning and refreshing even a couple of weeks after it made the rounds on everybody’s twitter feed.

Apparently something that real people are pondering: Should Grown Men Use Emoji?
For what it’s worth: as long as your CMS can handle them, go ahead.

Go out there and have the best week possible. And if that doesn’t work out, there is always next week.