Our Future Now

Hello internet friends!

I tried to block all “unsafe” traffic when using a public hotspot, but the web (including many of my own sites) are not prepared to handle a world in which port 80 is not allowed.
And because I am very smart I disabled my SSH host before going on this trip.

Meanwhile in news from the future that we’re living in:

Apple Music is confusing enough that even a big fan manages to destroy his music library with it. He’s famous enough that someone at Apple helped him, but not everybody has this option, do we?

It is possible to hack into cars and do serious damage.

And maybe, just maybe, we need a new model for journalism that doesn’t turn a medium-length ranty article into a 7MB monster.
I used to play games that simulated a whole season of Formula 1 that needed less space.

But hey, just small sidesteps on our way to becoming a Type I civilization, right?

Be safe.

Ice Cream Licks You.

Hello internet friends!

Nine (nine!) years ago, my first tweet.
I feel old. A lot has happened in those nine years. And yet, here we are.

Cheated on your spouse lately? Maybe using ~the internet~? Well, bummer.

I am always fascinated by a good map. So I found it even more fascinating that there are apparently awesome secret Soviet maps around.
The temptation to order a bunch for a super secret project that I am working on is pretty high.

Now go and have some ice cream.
Yes, even if you’re in the southern hemisphere, ice cream is nice all year around.

Blue and Yellow

Hello internet friends!

Did you ever want to touch a hologram? Well, now you can. It is a bit scary, though:

[…] earlier iterations of plasma holograms burn human skin upon contact.

I am sure there is a whole subculture somewhere devoted to exactly that.

Apparently it is possible to see polarization. I couldn’t quite get it work, but then I see so many weird things when looking at nothing, a bunch of blue and yellow bow-ties might get lost in the noise.

It is possible to send an email to a tree in Melbourne.
This might be the best possible use case for email.

I mean, right after this email, right? Right?

Take care.

Blue Ant

Hello internet friends!

It is warm where I am, which surprised everybody. Who would have thought it is warm in summer?
What really does surprise me is the effect is seems to have on the electronics I use for internet connectivity. More so than in the years before my router gets really hot and stops being useful. Maybe I do need a mini-fridge for my electronics.

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Blue Man in the Group of the same name? Wonder no more.

Ever wonder what are those weird noises are that you hear on an airplane? Wonder no more.

Ever wonder if insects feel fear, anger and empathy? Wonder no more.

Ever wonder when Instagram will finally have pictures bigger than 640x640px? Wonder no more.

Now that I have destroyed all wonder, I hope you forgive me.
Take care.