Fire Eagle Danger Day

Hello internet friends!

Did you miss me?
Yeah, well, I wouldn’t either. But here we are, new year and everything. And after I sort of ghosted you back in September, here I am. With the newsletter, resolution edition.

What happened on the internet since we last caught up? Turns out a lot and nothing in particular. And I think the best way to see the current state of the world is this very insightful article on medium dot com: some images i saved to my laptop in 2018
I guess now we know where people go after we all decided Tumblr isn’t for us anymore.

Everything is fake these days (Not really. Honestly. Don’t freak out.) so why not try to be a fake rock star? This dude tried it and it went about as well as one would expect: Jered Threatin
What a story, though.

One of the best things I’ve read since we heard from each other the last time is this wonderful story how a magazine sent a writer to a cruise with a whole bunch of cryptocurrency people: Four Days Trapped at Sea With Crypto’s Nouveau Riche
So if you have seen the link previously somewhere else and didn’t read it – why not today?

Some other internet detritus that I picked out of my feedreader for you:

Oh well. Happy new year. Maybe this one works out?



Hello internet friends,

and a happy new year and such. Just remember that starting from today, there are people who are adults by law (Your mileage might vary, but at least in countries where 18 is that age) were born in the 2000s.
Good god.


This link is in German, so… maybe skip clicking it if that’s a problem for you? You could also Google Translate it, which works pretty well these days.

This interview with one of the preeminent airport construction experts on his views on the still unopened new Berlin airport is very fascinating: BER: Dieter Faulenbach da Costa im Interview
Maybe it is time to teach the people the concept of the sunk cost fallacy and actually blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. Maybe have some people handle it who have done this kind of thing before.


Don’t tell me that! We Are Never, Ever, Ever Getting a Monorail
From what I see in this article the problem isn’t with the concept of monorails but with poor city planning. Maybe if people built monorails where there is actual demand and sell tickets at a reasonable price, these things would actually be useful? But then I’m probably biased, because: Monorail! 🤩

Plastic Fantastic

Now this sounds pretty rad: The Creators Of This Algae Plastic Want To Start A Maker Revolution
I’m not super sure if the whole maker angle is really the thing to look at, but bioplastic from algae sounds awesome and like one of the few good cyberpunk-sounding things we should actually add to our lives.

Tiny Homes

No, not these ones. But the internet ones: The year we wanted the internet to be smaller – Why tiny, weird online communities made a comeback in 2017

Here’s to a 2018 that’s better than last year.


Hello internet friends,

first email of the year! Yay.

Now for some Star Wars. Because obviously.
Why Carrie Fisher Should Be Remembered As General Organa, Not Princess Leia – very much so. I mean – both, but still. She was the best part of The Force Awakens and given that I quite liked that movie, that’s something. (She also was by far the best part of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” – but we better forget about that movie pretty quick.)

A wonderful piece of fan fiction is this obituary to General Organa. It’s so well written and so obviously by a nerdy fan without being too… well, nerdy-fan-y.

While much has been said about the Star Wars costume designer’s love for multiple pens one thing is pretty amazing: We don’t see many written words in these movies. Most Citizens of the Star Wars Galaxy are Probably Totally Illiterate. So maybe these are not pens but terrible USB sticks or something?

Robot news!
I’ve been sternly warned that enough is enough with the robot sex articles. So: none of those this week. (That is pretty easy, though. I didn’t even see one anywhere.)
What else do we have, then? There’s this overview of companies that work on robots that take us places. And there is this robot that takes care of your child.
Robots are going to take our jobs. But do they want to?[2]
Either way, robots and AIs are going to be in the future a lot. And here we have one company that is really happy about it.

Turns out bats are a lot like us. Just, you know, better.


  1. Or as we say in the business: Eh. Same Shit, Different Year. Don’t ask in what kind of business.  ↩

  2. As usual with these “robots are going to take our jobs” articles: the real problems aren’t the robots. The real problem is capitalism.  ↩

A Spark of Joy

Hello internet friends,

let’s have a nice 2016, okay? Okay.

Maybe don’t call chuchuk a horse penis, British dude.

I’ll probably read this article some time later, we’ll see. (And hereby recycling the joke that basically everybody who linked to this, made.)

Just around Christmas Mailchimp sent an email out to their customers with the exciting teaser that we could find out how much coffee they drank in 2015. I’m not sure anyone really cared. (In case you wonder: I had 546 cups of coffee in 2015, including espressi. Which is actually a surprisingly low number, not even reaching 1.5 cups of coffee/day.)

It is pretty amazing how many owners some aircraft go through before they are put out of service.
Just look at that beautiful Singapore Airlines livery on the first picture.

If you make or consume websites in one way or another, you might be interested in Maciej Cegłowski’s talk on big, heavy websites. (Here’s the transcript, if you don’t want to watch a big, heavy video.) It is really worth watching/reading.

Take care, people. And maybe clean out a bit. (I know I should.)


Hello internet friends!

A happy new year to all of you, may things be great for you and those you care about! (And slightly inconvenient for those, who you secretly wish ill upon.)

2014 in tech.

2014 in science.

I wanted to round up this very short list of 2014 reviews with “2014 in goats” because obviously goats where the big winner of our hearts. But either the internet let me down or my googling skills are deteriorating faster than I want.
So no goats for you, sorry.

Be safe and brace yourself: once the whole holiday and new year ordeal is over, you’ll get these email in a more regular irregular pattern again.
Thanks for reading, I enjoy writing these. And say hi if you want.