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Mute. Mute. Mute. Mute.

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1.0 Link Link Link

Okay, let’s try something different: a bunch of links to stuff I liked.

1.1 Stage

You know what’s good? Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. You know which episode I really enjoyed this weekend? The one with Josh Radnor, who seems to be quite a swell guy.

1.2 (Like a Record)

Priceonomics on Why UPS trucks don’t turn left. Spoiler alert: they still turn left once in a while.

1.3 History

Marco Arment on “Political Views” – if that is the result of John Siracusa prodding him towards speaking up on non-tech, non-coffee issues, I am all for it.

1.4 Click click click

Really good documentation about the 2011 DotA2 tournament in Cologne: Free to Play. Completely worth the time if you’re interested in professional gaming or even just like good documentations.

2.0 I’m (not) prepared to let you go

I am using Twitter – a lot. And I follow way too many people. And yet I love it – here’s how: The “Mute” function in Tweetbot. I blanket-mute everything that is annoying. Keywords, oh so many keywords. A whole bunch of apps. A few urls. A whole bunch of people.
My rule for muting people is pretty easy: for any really stupid and/or sports-related tweet I mute people for a week.
I know I could just unfollow people, but I don’t actually want to – some people are just randomly stupid and/or interested in sports and I might want to read their usual tweets some time later on and this is a pretty elegant way to do so.

3.0 Game of Codes

So there is a new season of “Game of Thrones” (Trailer) and a new series called “Silicon Valley” (Trailer) and I am excited.

Have a good start to the week.