A weekly-ish email to my internet friends

Silicon Valley

86: Brutalist Content

Hello, internet friends! Remember when we all[1] thought that Google Glass would be the future and that we’ll all walk around as glassholes in a Google-controller world, happily searching the web while driving out driverless cars around? Well. Google Glass is gone and the story behind it is pretty amazing. It is also rather amazing […]

37: Input

Hello, internet friends!1 I am back again after a four day hiking weekend. If I do that again – go to a weird and foreign country, especially with some time to waste in between activities, I now know not to think that “eh, those couple of MB of roaming data will be enough, right? Just […]

24: So comrades, come rally!

1.0 Fourth Annual Orgy of Caring I might have mentioned that I quite like the “Silicon Valley” series. What gets me most about it is the fact that even in the German “tech scene” – and to be honest, I am not as exposed to that as one might expect – I have met most […]