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Babies being not very happy at all

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1.0 Comme des fous

If you have looked at the archive of these emails over on you might have noticed something that I didn’t do in the mail client, yet: I picked some rather interesting pictures from the Flickr Commons to go with each mail. And I have to say, I quite like the effect so far – it makes the archives rather pretty.
That’s why I am rather disheartened to see that the Brooklyn Museum decided to delete all their content from the Commons when leaving – instead of letting it sit there for people to enjoy.
I mean, sure: they moved them over to the Wikimedia Commons, which is nice, too. I still don’t understand why it was necessary to delete the whole account from Flickr – and I am not the only one who is concerned:

Leaving Flickr Commons could have been the perfect opportunity to invest in long-term self-hosting. Instead they’re abandoning the Titanic by hitching a ride on the Hindenberg.

Well, we’ll see.

2.0 Links!

That worked fine the last time, so here we go:

2.1 Energize!

Here is a good guide on how to save a bunch of energy on your iPhone. Worst offender apparently: Facebook.

2.2 Neeeeerds!

So, yes, I really liked the “Silicon Valley” pilot. A few interesting articles about it: ‘Silicon Valley’ Skewers the Empty Utopianism of the Tech Industry basically says that making fun of Silicon Valley is like shooting fish in a barrel. NPR basically thinks the same: What Silicon Valley’s Cast Thinks About Silicon Valley Culture:

Socially awkward people with money is a very funny area.

2.3 Sour! Sour?

If you like watching a video of babies being not very happy at all, today is your lucky day.

2.4 Sans

Of course I sent Comic Neue to all the teachers in my immediate family.

3.0 Gifs

4.0 Procrastination

Is it very obvious that I should be doing something else?

Have a good day!