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Two Identical Puffs

Existential dread.

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Hello internet friends,

have you ever been so generic that you saw a stock photo and thought it was you?

“Dominik, this could be something for your newsletter!” That wasn’t a wrong assumption at all.
Stone Age Cave Symbols May All Be Part of a Single Prehistoric Proto-Writing System – fascinating. Even more fascinating that we’re slowly moving back to that system these days. 🥳

This is very much my kind of humor: I commissioned an oil painting of Barbra Streisand’s cloned dogs
Just look at it.

I’ll share a secret with you – I, too, forget most of the articles I mention here in my emails. I do hope that every one of them is of interest to some of you, but like so many things most of these links are ephemeral, interesting for a moment, gone the next.
But some of them stay in my mind, often just under the surface and just once in a while they poke their head out to ask: “Hey, remember me?” And one of them is this pretty incredible story: I fell in love with a female assassin
That article is eleven years old now, did anyone of you ever watch the “major Hollywood film” that they wanted to make out of the story?