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A Thief And A Skier

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Hello internet friends,

do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, heart beating and with just one question in your mind: “How do you spell that person’s name?”
Yeah, me neither.
But still, this is pretty fun: The Gyllenhaal Experiment – the visualisation is probably the best thing about it, right next to the crushing feeling that maybe one isn’t so good at spelling the last names of random American celebrities.

Now this is fascinating: The Secrets of the World’s Greatest Art Thief – and no, it’s not an Ocean’s [insert number here] story – turns out you don’t need all that many people for a successful heist. Or 200 of them.

I have the western approach corridor for the Zurich airport right over my head, a small-ish but busy airport nearby and a whole bunch of the big international air routes within viewing distance. There is also a lot of sky to see from here, so the chances that I see at least one plane when looking up at a clear day are pretty high. And of course I want to know what plane it is, where it goes and where it comes from. Obviously I have Flightradar24 running a lot. (Just now an Edelweiss Air A330 from Tampa to Zurich would be right in my view, if it weren’t so cloudy. And I could see the Enter Air 737 from Poznan to Fuerteventure as well, somewhere in the distance.)
So obviously I’m not really learning Flightradar24 — how it works? from this article, but you might. (And it reminds me that I should get my little Raspberry running again. I’m missing a lot of potentially interesting data.)

Number one sign I’m not an adventurer: When I hear “Many have died attempting to…” my first instinct is to then not try it.
Not this guy, though: Meet the skier who made the ‘impossible’ first solo descent of K2 Just the very first GIF/Movie is absolutely amazing.

I’m not an archaeologist, so my opinion doesn’t quite matter, but I somehow guess there was still some juvenile humor involved in this: Ancient Romans etched penis graffiti as a symbol of luck and domination