A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


63: For The Articles

Hello internet friends! Everything you need to know about the celebrity image hack is over here at[1] ◔̯◔ Remember how I stopped using Facebook? Yeah? Good times. In my quest to find the magic that the “early”[2] web was to me, I also decided to quit Twi… wait, no. But I decided to finally […]

62: Oh-hoh-hoh-hoah.

Hello, internet friends! Now that it’s September, summer is over! Get used to dark, grey, cold and rainy days again. Opposed to dark, grey, rainy and not quite so cold days that were our summer. I write this as if everyone of you is in the same geographic region as I am, which is of […]

48: Hashtag

Hello! I sure hope you are all doing well. I just need to let you know that I walk around thinking that you folks are the smartest people possible, blessed with way more intelligence than the average person and of course a lot hotter, too. Okay, done with the pandering, but of course it is […]