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Ready Gnome One

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Hello internet friends,

did you find your eggs? Great. Let’s move on. And let’s hope that this wasn’t a cruel April fools joke.

I’m not too sure if I’m interested in watching Ready Player One – I read a sample chapter of the book and oh boy, did that suck. But apparently the movie might be a tiny bit better: “Ready Player One” Is An Accidental Horror Movie About Fandom
But I’m pretty excited for that one: Excerpts from My Upcoming Novel, Ready Player Two: Girl Stuff

Remember phone booths? Now that we don’t have phone booth phones anymore what’s the next best thing? Phone booths without phones! And they seem to be great fun: I’m the man in the Jabbrrbox

There are a lot of fun things to put into your garden if you have a big one. Garden, that is. Gnomes. Flamingos. Fountains. But what weirdly has fallen out of fashion lately: The Strange, Short-Lived British Trend of Hiring Ornamental Hermits

If you do this I probably hate you: Re: The Stressful Email Marketing Tactic That Will Not Die
What kind of monster would do that?