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Hello internet friends,

let me ask you: Where is your data? Who knows.
An article that starts with the wonderful premise that data is like glitter. (Even though I can’t remember ever having data in my beard after a dinner party.)

Meet Fribo, a robot built for lonely young people – on the one hand: lulz, @internetofshit hashtag shit future on the other hand: I think I’d enjoy something similar. Maybe not a black ghost with two eyes that stare into my soul, but… you know.

To be honest, I’m still a bit unsure about VR and AR. Some people are really excited about it, but I’m still pretty meh about the whole thing. And yet this is pretty cool: Explore Edward Hopper’s “NightHawks” in VR! (↬ Teymur)

That weird sign just now? Don’t you remember the Curator’s Code? I still do. Mostly because it is probably one of the best jokes on the internet.

We’ve learned that farmers jailbreak their increasingly hyper-automated equipment so they can repair them in February but what we didn’t know is what they do when the machines work. Well, now we do: Farmer Uses Stardew Valley As An Escape
Farmers. They’re just like us.

Toodles! /me goes back to playing newsletter writer simulator