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Hello internet friends,

have you ever been so convinced of something so obviously wrong that you decided that the best way to show the world how right you are is shoot yourself into the sky with a steam-powered rocket?
No? Well… this guy would answer yes: That Flat Earther Finally Took Off in His DIY Rocket to Prove We’re All Idiots

I’ll not comment on this one, but enjoy: The difference between a snafu, a shitshow, and a clusterfuck
This is a very good article. Also very good: the Back to Work episode about that article.

These days most of us get our music from the big streaming services. As we’ve seen time and time again, this is problematic. But you know: convenience.
And we never really wonder how these things work for the musicians, except for some vague idea that they’re not getting a lot of money from it. But there is another angle and it is actually quite interesting: My Surprisingly Difficult Quest to Get My Song “Punch a Nazi in the Face” on the Internet

Yuja Wang: a personal portrait of the star pianist
This is a great documentary, I actually never really wondered how the life of these globetrotting musicians is and this is a bit of an eye-opener.