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Super Grotesk

Well, actually.

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A couple of emails back I mentioned that I am reading a book, making notes about it and might write down and send you all my annotations.
Well, tough luck.

As usual I am only able to read longer texts when I don’t have a proper internet connection or when it feels more socially acceptable to read than to play some random computer game. (Even though for me that looks more and more like the same kind of interaction with the same kind of device.)
And don’t get me started on writing. Just while writing this short note, I cmd-tabbed to Twitter twice and read two articles that someone linked to: VEB Typoart: The East German Type Betriebsstätte and “Well actually, in the books…” 15 differences from text to TV in Game Of Thrones.
Shame on me.

And yet, even though I know I am not really able to read longer texts anymore, I keep buying interesting books. Creativity, Inc., a book about creativity by one of the founders of Pixar, looks mighty interesting, as well.
But don’t be too happy too soon – I will get to finish that book sooner or later and then you’ll have to endure what I have to say about it.
I hope you all manage to be more productive and less easily distracted, but I am pretty sure I am not alone in my internet-induced attention struggles.