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Meat Rainbow

Crypto. And Meat.

Written by dominik on

Hello internet friends,

I know, it is not Monday, but eh.
I’m not feeling super motivated to write these things at the moment – mostly because I don’t read the internet all that much lately so when I look into my Pocket (yes, I switched from Instapaper, in case you wanted to know that) list before opening the editor I mostly see stuff from last week.

So, eh, what do I do when I don’t read the internet? I quite often watch clips from British panel shows on Youtube. It’s empty calories but I do tend to be amused. And well, I’ve watched Carrot In A Box at least ten times by now and it still makes me laugh.

I know there is one question in all of our minds and it is: What Causes Beef Rainbows? (I’ll be honest with you: I just put the link in because the combination of the words beef and rainbow is just great.)
Apparently it is light refracting on the meat. Who’d have thought.

Sometimes I enjoy a nice little hate-read and this week it was this one: Crypto Nomads Seek “Proof of Nipple” in Thailand
It’s not really stomach-churning bad – I’m too weak for content that goes that far – it’s just one of those articles that I can’t stop reading while thinking: wow, everything about this is so bloody stupid.

Take care. Turn off your cellphone for a while.