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Hello internet friends,

today I have just two links to articles for you – but don’t despair! (At least not because of the lack of articles.) I also have two links to two other newsletters that I quite enjoy.

I’m honestly not sure I could take this, but hey, more power to you, dude from The Guardian: I watched Nicolas Cage movies for 14 hours straight, and I’m sold
14 hours is long. I mean, when I can avoid it I’m not even awake this long.

I’m pretty sure I don’t agree on everything he’s saying, but it is worth reading anyway: In Conversation: Penn Jillette
And then maybe look up a few of the Penn & Teller acts on YouTube, it is quite fun to watch. (So are some of the Fool Us candidates. Some are just weird and there are only so many card tricks one can watch.)

Now I might have linked to this one before, but it is again and again a great ressource: the newsletter (and website) The History of the Web. If you’ve been a web nerd through most of what he talks about or if you’re new to this stupid medium you’ll learn something for sure.

If one would be nasty, one would call The InnBox a travel blog/newsletter. But mostly it is well-written reviews of pretty accommodations with nice photos and all in all it is just a delight.

That’s it for this week, go back to your television or whatever it is that I’ve just interrupted.