A weekly-ish email to my internet friends


02/08: Bicycle Ride

In which we explore a drug-buying robot, 3D-Printing and the Internet of Things.

83: Ramen in Space

Hello, internet friends! How nice to see all of you still reading this, it means a lot to me. I never heard of “Lucky Peach” before, but at the moment they cover a topic near and dear to my heart: ramen. There’s a biography of Momofuko Ando, a timeline of the history of ramen and […]

67: Glancicle

Hello internet friends! I seem to have settled in that habit of only writing these on mondays – mainly to wake myself up, which seems to work in some way. Does this work for you? Or do you really need more email? It is not even that I have much to say lately, but hey […]