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All the acquisitions.

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Hello internet friends,

sitting comfortably? Great! Let’s look at the internet together for a while. (Or not. Just put your phone or computer away and go for a walk instead. You’ll not miss anything important and it is good for you.)

I’m not too sure articles like these don’t give the wrong people bad ideas: Hacking a satellite is surprisingly easy – I mean, sure, state-sponsored hackers probably know all about it, but Johnny Scriptkiddie next door?

Acquisition news! Valve buys Campo Santo, developer of Firewatch I really enjoyed Firewatch (go get it, if you like calm, meditative games with a great atmosphere and easy enough controls for everybody) and I’m sure In the Valley of Gods, their next title, will be great. But after this? Who knows with Valve.

Acquisition news! Again! Family-owned Smugmug acquires Flickr, rescuing it from the sinking post-Yahoo ship Weeeell, let’s see how this turns out. Haven’t heard much from Smugmug lately, either.
At least it’s not Zooomr.

(For some nostalgia: A Brief History of the Flickr Photo Page

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