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Cheat codes for fish.

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Hello internet friends!

It is the second day of Christmas and there is still an email from me. Hail Mary!

I do get some “Dude, stop it with the robot sex links” feedback, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For a slight chuckle I will gladly look past that. Sex robots will ‘come a lot sooner than you think’, scientist claims – and as so many people on Twitter said: that looks like a design flaw. (Haha? Sorry.)

This is the last email for this year and I’m weirdly proud that I made it this far into the year without having met anyone in ~real life~ who talked about “hygge” and still don’t know how to pronounce it.

Do you have a friend who creates stuff? Maybe writes a mediocre newsletter? Well, Andrew W.K. thinks you should encourage them.
Hey, let’s try it?

iddqd and idkfa made so many things so much easier for people who were not very good with computer games. These days? Not so much. Here’s a short history of cheat codes in video games.
A real life cheat code seems to wearing a hi-vis west. Who knew.

Underwater news!
Any article that starts with a scuba-diving philosopher is either terrible or great. This one about octopus intelligence is not terrible.
Meanwhile they’re not the only smart animals down there in the water. We should not underestimate fish.