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A walking tour, a smartwatch and some spice.

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Hello internet friends,

it is a pretty fun idea to 3D-print the The Legend of Zelda map. It is even more fun to read that the person who did it used Minecraft as the 3D tool, because of course he did.

You know what’s creepy? This thing here. – it looks like a coffee maker but somehow it has a hologram of a half-naked anime lady in it. Maybe we should really start talking about the ethics of robotic companions.

It’s always pretty fun to explore a city with a healthy combination of planning and seredipity. So hey, why not do the same with Kabul?

Pebble was the first smartwatch company and somehow it managed to survive until a few weeks ago. Now that it is gone, Fitbit went ahead and bought their assets – and here is how the whole thing looked from the inside.

It’s a bit too simplified, but hey – why not read this article on how spice trade roughly 4000 years ago was the precursor to globalization? I did and enjoyed it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you do internet-stuff, why not go and have a look at this very good book. (Well, book-like website.) You’ll probably learn something.