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Another Manic Monday


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Hello internet friends,

what a lovely Monday it is!
Let’s just pretend it is Monday, okay?

Robot News

We all know that robots will come for our jobs. But won’t someone please think of the children? Will Robots Take Our Children’s Jobs?
Well, I don’t know what jobs your children have, but maybe let them be children for a while?

But maybe your children have the very questionable job of bullying homeless people? In that case, yes, they’ll be redundant, soon: Robots are being used to shoo away homeless people in San Francisco
Just look at this thing, with cute stickers of animals. San Francisco sounds like a great place.

Spider News

But hey, if the robots take all our jobs, maybe humans can find a new purpose on this planet: as spider food! If spiders worked together, they could eat all humans in a year

lol. maybe.

This made me chuckle: The InDev Incident

This also made me chuckle: Best Of 2017: PODCASTS

This made everybody chuckle already, but you know, it is pretty funny: I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor

So… see you again next Monday. Ehem.