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Lights Out

Work and the lack of it.

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Hello internet friends,

do you have what it takes to be an Instagram influencer? Well, if not, this article might have some ideas what you’ll need. #inspirational

This morning I learned about lights-out manufacturing which is pretty much what it sounds like – a process of running a factory without any humans – which would need light. So… lights out.
(Having learned Latin in high school I cringe at the idea of calling -facturing without manus manufacturing, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
I have learned this on a MetaFilter post which linked to this article on the future of what we used to call work.
idk, I guess if we can manage to get around that we can start to think more about The Unbusy Manifesto.

One of the things that increasingly get automated is driving – and one of the companies that put in a lot of work to make trucks self-driving is Otto, a subsidiary of Uber. Uber is already not all that well-known for being extremely ethical so it might be quite interesting to learn how Otto managed to “test” their trucks on public roads without proper paperwork.

Remember MakerBot? Somehow most people still don’t have a handy little 3D printer at home and if you want to know why, well – it’s your lucky day.

If there’s proper public transport and good ramen, I don’t think how anything would be wrong with this idea. (Honestly, those are two important factors for a high quality of life anyway.)