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Uber for History

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Hello internet friends,

this weekend I didn’t do anything but watch a digger digging a hole. Thanks a lot.
(Well, not quite: for those of you who understand German and listen to podcasts – I did that again, after quite a while.)

Nothing sounds like a better idea like “Uber for Mental Health” – especially not when it’s from a bunch of dudes who
“intend to do a lot of neat things with the collected data.”

Meanwhile in the department of rich people being rich: Virgin’s Richard Branson Unveils a Plane That Travels from London to NYC in 3.5 Hours
As a big fan of the Concorde this is something I’ll keep watching – let’s see if they manage to get around the problems the Concorde had.

This is rather awesome: Two Teenage Girls Built Africa’s First-Ever Private Satellite
Go for it, young space girls!

If you have a bit of time – and you probably do, given that this email is a bit short – you might want to learn about Sima Qian, the first proper Chinese historian.