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All The Way Down

Art, Dogs and Social Media

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Hello internet friends,

you’re welcome:
(But why?)

De Chelonian Mobile

Oh, how lovely: The art of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld – in pictures
(Before we get into discussions: It’s Paul Kidby, not Josh Kirby. They’re both amazing in their very different ways.)


I still remember when Web 2.0 became Social Media and all of us started to worry. And we probably all agree: The End of the Social Era Can’t Come Soon Enough
Let the idiots play with their bitcoin and SEO get-rich-quick schemes and maybe we can go back to personal blogs and uh… tag clouds and opinions about RSS.


These may be the world’s first images of dogs—and they’re wearing leashes.
This is rather amazing. Turns out dogs have domesticated the ape for a lot longer than we knew.

That’s all folks – after you’re done reading, why not read some Science Fiction, watch a western or listen to some classical music.