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And Yet

Analog machines are learning to read.

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Hello internet friends,

it’s Monday and what a fine day it is to think about art. And because everything has to be a listicle, let’s get right to it: All the Da Vincis in the world: rated

Analog News

I’m not quite sure I can totally agree with this guy but sure, he has quite a lot of points: Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over
That being said: oh boy, do I still like digital, too. How else would I reach you folks? You bet I wouldn’t type these out on a typewriter (I do still have one) while listening to music on vinyls (I don’t have a record player) and taking photos with a 35mm camera. (I have‚Ķ multiple. Almost as many as digital cameras.)

Machine Learning

Have you ever heard of MENACE? Turns out it is a machine learning machine from the 1950s and it is awesome: Machine Learning Explained
And if you actually read through the whole thing, congratulations. How about a fifteen minute (FIF! TEEN! What’s wrong with these people.) YouTube video? MENACE: the pile of matchboxes which can learn


Even though I don’t read as many books as I should or want – I mean, how? I have a day job and I need to read the internet and watch all of Netflix, not because I enjoy it but because of compuslion – I would identify myself as someone who really really likes reading. I mean, one of the reasons why I never properly learned how to interact with people is probably the fact that during the formative years for social behaviour (I’d say roughly between 12 and 22?) I usually was just sitting somewhere with a book.
And yet, I have never once thought about the fact that reading in silence is something weird(-ish) but it turns out: it is a pretty recent thing. History of reading: The beginning of silent reading changed humans’ interior life.

So, yeah. Grab a book or something. Toodles!