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Who's there?

Don’t call me.

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1.0 Follow-Up

Remember 26: Infinite Improbability? Well, imagine my joy/horror when Jason Seifer started to quote and comment on it in the latest episode of IRL Talk.

2.0 Waves of Addiction

Just one more round…

I don’t know how and why it happened, but Civilization got me again. Instead of doing something useful, I was playing Civ V all weekend. Again.
And then there is going to be a new one soon, which is exciting – I mean, just look at that trailer!

3.0 Apps!

I just bought two iPhone apps just because they were in the Mac Power Users shownotes:

I haven’t listened to the episode, yet and I just looked around the apps a bit – they both seem pretty and they seem to be doing something well that I’d want them to do.

As usual: take care, people.