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CDs, dinosaurs and other extinct things.

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Hello internet friends,

how about starting the week with something rather lovely? Then here we go, a long love letter to the scientifically out-dated but still rather amazing dinosaurs model at Crystal Palace in London.
That’s quite a story. A slightly more modern take on these animals – if probably just as untrue – is by this Australian company, which tries to recreate dinosaurs as real-sized animatronic models. Now where are the feathers?

They say that one should avoid the kinds of restaurants that have a menu with pictures – a piece of advice that I have found to be completely silly, as these things go. I wonder (actually, I don’t) what they will say about a menu written completely in Emoji.

Kids these days don’t really want to read their tech news anymore. (Get off my lawn… đź‘´) So obviously they get it from the one place where they find everything – YouTube. And this guy is the number one Tech-YouTuber out there.

Remember CDs? If you’re Japanese, you probably look at your stack of rented CDs, shake your head and think “Remember?”

A very different way to get digital content happens in Cuba, where the Internet is a very scarce good. They call it El Paquete and it is very fascinating, indeed.

Only in Russia: Moscow airport gets Kalashnikov souvenir shop

Meanwhile in Singapore: The world’s first network of fully self-driving taxis is up and running. I wonder if it’s possible to get these things to drive slow enough to breed some Pokemon Go eggs – which might be just the thing to get the country that’s obsessed with that game to adopt self-driving cars for real.