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Pyramid Scheme

Hipster Barbie and Aliens

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Hello internet friends,

autumn is upon us, it is rainy, grey and cold where I am. (I write, conveniently ignoring the fact that it’s going to be bloody warm again in a few days. 30°C in Mid-September? That’s just silly.)
So let’s just take this opportunity, have a cup of coffee and see if we can learn something new.

Last week the whole world was pretty excited about a phone call from space. Turns out (and this is in the actual headline) it was just something boring here from our little planet.

All things considered, we should not be too surprised – after all, what would aliens actually want from us? Maybe check on their pyramids?

Running something big-ish on the internet is not easy and people get fed up with it. Here, I just saved you a click. But if you want more details: Who Killed YTMND?
If you’ve never heard of YTMND, good for you. Keep on reading.

Remember Socality Barbie? The Instagram account that mocked basically everything on Social Media? Now there is real Barbie and sadly nothing of it is satire.

Burning Man. Where Pokémon Go and Class Warfare meet. What a slogan.


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