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Honest horses and nice snoops.

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Hello internet friends,

like so many nerds I watched The Defenders this weekend and just like basically everybody who did, I’m not overly fond of Iron Fist. (If you roll your eyes already with all this comic book series stuff: a. you’re right. and b. maybe skip a couple of sentences and join us later on.) I mean, even the tertiary supporting characters are more interesting than this dude. But unlike his stand-alone series, it isn’t all bad in this one, after all The Defenders is a blueprint on how to make Iron Fist suck less.
Maybe someone at Marvel is reading The Verge?

Horsey news!

I guess if you have that kind of lifestyle this might be a good idea: ‘Facebook for Horses’ Is Mongolia’s Hot New Social App
I quite like these instances where a local app just takes off because they know what the people in their community actually need.

Nicey news!

Meanwhile these people running a global app have quite a different problem and because they want things to be nice they ask computers to make things nice: Instagram’s CEO Wants to Clean Up the Internet — But Is That a Good @&#$ing Idea?
(Talking about Instagram – I’m really looking forward to Ingrid Goes West)
(And for those people who want to publish and/or consume content that’s, you know, nice, but not nice, there seems to be Patreon these days: How NSFW Content Makers Found a Home on Patreon)

Snoopy News!

If you’re stylish and into streetwear (so… you’re not me) you might have noticed a lot of Snoopy around, lately. But why? Well: Why Streetwear Loves Snoopy

Honesty News!

There are a whole bunch of apps to get anonymous feedback and one that’s a big hit recently is Sarahah. After reading this article: Honesty app Sarahah is becoming a self-esteem machine I decided to get into the fun as well which tbh didn’t end that well. I got one friendly suggestion what to do about my facial hair and an interesting collection of ascii-art penisses. So… your mileage might vary.

Take care out there, have some cake.